Margaret (Peggy) Morris OTD, OTR/L, BCP

Margaret (Peggy) Morris OTD, OTR/L, BCP is an occupational therapist with 30+ years of experience in pediatric practice. She has worked in early intervention, private practice, and out-patient pediatric rehabilitation services, but most of her experience and passion is in school-based practice.  She is Board Certified in Pediatrics (BCP) through the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA), and reviews initial and renewal applications in the BCP for AOTA.  She currently teaches graduate students in the occupational therapy department at Tufts University, and man, do they keep her on her toes! She practices yoga, plays golf and gardens for mental health and wellness.

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Topics of Expertise

Evidence-based practice for contextual services at school along the LRE; Evidence-based practice for collaboration (her OTD was on this topic) with the school team; Strengths-based evaluation and intervention at school; Top-down evaluation for handwriting referrals; Writing integrated goals for IEPs; Creating flexible service delivery grids on IEPs

Why I Enjoy Presenting

I am a lifelong learner myself and I really enjoy sharing learning time with others.  I love the AHA! moments and connection to everyday practice that diving into the literature affords us.  I believe that professional development opportunities can be efficient, effective, and fun.  The time we carve out for self-learning is precious time, so active learning, shared expertise, and creation of an action plan for change are usual outcomes for any workshop I teach.


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Recent Presentations: Juried

Concept Mapping in a Learner-Centered Environment as a Foundation for Entry-Level Occupational Therapy Student Outcomes for Meaningful Learning” | AOTA Educational Summit | AOTA | Denver, Colorado | 2015

Contextual Services for Schools Practice: An Evidence-based Plan | Massachusetts Occupational Therapy Association Annual conference | Norwood, Massachusetts | 2015

Assessing Student Participation:  Incorporating Appreciative Inquiry Into Your School-Based Evaluation | Massachusetts Occupational Therapy Association | Co-presenter Jan Hollenbeck, OTD OTR/L | 2014

Contextual Services in School-Based Practice:  Evidence, Barriers, and a Plan | New Hampshire Occupational Therapy Association Annual Conference | 2014

Assessing Student Participation:  Incorporating Appreciative Inquiry into Your School-based Evaluation | American Occupational Therapy Association 94th Annual Conference  | 2014

Collaborative Consultation Experiences of Teacher/Occupational Therapist Dyads | American Occupational Therapy Association 93rd Annual Conference |  San Diego, CA | 2013

The Mentoring Relationship in Occupational Therapy | Massachusetts                 Association of Occupational Therapists | Co-presenter Svea Hall, MS OTR/L | 2013

Recent Presentations: Invited

Active Learning: Concept Mapping as an Active Learning and Teaching Strategy | Tufts University-wide Teaching Conference | 2017

Current Issues for Related Service Providers: Addressing What Matters |Therapies in the Schools Annual Conference, Educational Resources | Framingham, MA | Co-presenter: J. Hollenbeck | 2016

Building an Evidence-based Action Plan to Achieve Functional Outcomes |Therapies in the Schools Annual Conference, Educational Resources, Framingham, MA | Keynote co-presenter: J. Hollenbeck | 2016

Educational Apps for Diverse Learners | Technology Expo for Diverse Learners | Boston Public Schools, Boston, MA | 2016

Apps for Education: BYOD | Therapro Saturday Series | Framingham, MA | 2015

 Heading Toward Best Practices:  Evaluation, Goal-writing, and Collaboration for Contextual Services | Bay District Schools, Panama City, FL | 2013

Collaborative Consultation Experiences of Teacher/Occupational Therapist Dyads | Therapro Saturday Series | Framingham, MA | 2013


Teaching with Technology Award winner | Tufts University, Tufts Technology Services, Educational Technology | Student-nominated and University-wide | 2017


VoiceThread Certified Educator | 2017

AOTA Board Certified in Pediatrics | 2012-2022

Professional Certificate in School-based Practice, Tufts University | 2009

Online Publications

3 Steps to a Strengths-based Practice

6 Steps to Coaching Our Clients

Anything Else?

 I am on the Faculty Advisory Board for the Center for Enhancement of Learning and Teaching (CELT) at Tufts University; I am also a CELT fellow.  CELT is invested in evidence-based and best practices for adult learning at the university level.

Other Apply EBP Instructors

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