Everything’s Measurable! ICF-based Approach to Pediatric OT & PT Assessment – Chicago

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  • Everything’s Measurable! ICF-based Approach to Pediatric OT & PT - Chicago
    April 26, 2018 - April 27, 2018
    8:30 am - 4:00 pm

with Carlo Vialu, PT, MBA 


“As a lifetime peds therapist, this course presented me with a unique opportunity to confront my personal biases & opinions, and reinvent my approach to a more solid evidence-based practice.” – PT with 25 years experience

“This was great information for me as a COTA to have, as I read OT assessments and assist with goal development.” – COTA with 3 years experience

“Extremely relevant topic to school-based OT/PT practice. What measures, how to choose them, critical thinking and decision-making.” – Clinical Supervisor of OT/PT with 38 years experience as an OT

“Carlo kept it fun and interesting despite the magnitude of the material he covered.” – PT with 22 years experience

“Very thorough. Provided great insight into how & why to choose tests and integrate them into your practice.” – PT with 27 years experience

“I have been in school-based setting for the past 4 years and would have loved this information (or other PTs at my job who knew this information) sooner. His knowledge-base helped me come up with more tests that I would use in the future.” – PT with 16 years experience

“A+! Clear, interesting, informative, thought-inspiring, well-organized. Book & placemats [practical toolkit] are extremely helpful.” – PT with 40 years experience 


Everything’s Measurable! is a highly-interactive workshop on the assessment of children and youth with neurologic, orthopedic and developmental disabilities, 3-21 years old. The speaker will highlight the advantages of using the International Classification of Function (ICF) as a framework to guide the assessment process. Participants will learn the psychometric properties, statistical norms, and interpretation of tests and measures covering the different domains of the ICF: personal factors, environmental factors, participation, activity, and body structure & function.

This workshop will cover 60+ standardized and non-standardized tools. The speaker will also highlight the use of free, functional, and easy-to-use tests for participation, personal factors, arm function, gross motor function, wheelchair mobility, and body structure & function.

Participants will practice administration and scoring of tests! The speaker will illustrate the proper selection and utilization of tests and measures in determining the need for therapy services, designing intervention, and monitoring outcomes in various practice settings (i.e., home, clinic, hospital, and school). Participants will lean to organize and conduct assessment using a Hypothesis Oriented Pediatric Algorithm (HOP-FA) + ICF-based Approach.

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Seats are limited due to the interactive nature of the course. Register early to secure one and save!

This course is just the start of a shared learning experience with Apply EBP’s True Continuing Education Model! Every participant gets an exclusive membership to an online discussion group with speaker and other Apply EBP faculty members.


At the completion of this course, participants will be able to:

1. Apply an ICF-based approach to assessment of children and youth with disabilities

2. Administer, score and interpret various tests and measures for the different domains of the ICF

3. Select a combination of  tests and measures across the different domains of the ICF to help determine the need for therapy services

4. Utilize the results of the ICF-based assessment process in designing interventions for, and monitoring progress of children and youth with disabilities


OTs, PTs, COTAs and PTAs serving children and youth with disabilities, 3-21 years old

* The course content is not intended for use by participants outside the scope of their license or registration.


April 26

AM Session

  • Assessment and Practical Statistics for Therapists
  • ICF-based Approach to Assessment
  • Tools to Assess Personal Factors: Preferences, Behavior, Goals and Self-determination
  • Tools to Assess Participation & Environment: Ecological Assessment & Standardized Tools

PM Session

  • Tools to Assess Activity: Mobility
  • Tools to Assess Activity: Upper Extremity Function
  • Tools to Assess Activity: ADL

April 27

AM Session

  • Tools to Assess Activity: Recreation
  • Tools to Assess Activity: Wheelchair Operation
  • Tools to Assess Body Structure and Function

PM Session

  • Practical Toolkit: Diagnosis-specific Assessments & Setting-specific Assessments
  • Clinical Decision-Making: Interpreting Results, Designing Interventions & Monitoring Progress; The HOP-FA + ICF Approach
  • Clinical Reasoning: Case Studies


This course qualifies for 12 hours of Continuing Education.

  • Illinois PT: This course has been approved for 12 CE hours by the Illinois PT Association
  • Illinois OT: This course has been approved for 12 CE hours by the Illinois OT Association

If you are from a state other than Illinois and would like to obtain credit for attendance, please email ApplyEBP@gmail.com as soon as possible.


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