Connie Johnson, PT, DScPT

Connie C Johnson, PT, DScPT  is a school-based PT and creator of Fit4Work, a program which supports physical fitness for youth with disabilities and enhances their potential for employment. She authored the book entitled Fit4Work: Fitness for Vocational Tasks for Youth with Disabilities. Connie is Board-Certified Clinical Specialist in Pediatric PT.  She is the Region V Director for the American Physical Therapy Association’s Academy for Pediatric Physical Therapy. She enjoys sharing knowledge to support best practice for children & youth with disabilities via her Fit4Work blog, live presentation and webinars.


Topics of Expertise

Fitness for youth with disabilities;  pediatric physical therapy assessment/evaluation; school based physical therapy practice; clinical decision making

Why I Enjoy Presenting

As someone who consumes information from a variety of sources, I am an early adopter of new clinical techniques; selecting, applying, and refining my practice. As a practicing pediatric physical therapist, I appreciate the depth and breadth of knowledge that is required to be an effective  and efficient practitioner. I enjoy the opportunity to share my clinical expertise with other therapists so that they can benefit from my insights. I believe that by collaboratively sharing our experiences we can promote best practices for therapists which will ultimately help the individuals that we work with and improve their quality of life.

Select Presentations

Virginia Occupational Therapy Association, 2017 | Work Capacity Programs in School Settings: Addressing the Vocational Needs of Youth with Disabilities | Johnson C.

Virginia Occupational Therapy Association, 2017 |  Evaluation for Physical and Occupational Therapists in School Settings | with Laverdure P.

Arkansas Physical Therapy Association, 2016 | Fitness Assessment for Physical Therapists

University of Virginia, 2016 | Positioning and Seating for Speech/Language Pathologists

Adult & Adolescent Developmental Disabilities SIG, APEDPT, 2016 | Fitness for Vocational Tasks in Youth With Disabilities  | Webinar

Section on Pediatrics Annual Conference, 2015 | Fit for Work: Fitness for Vocational Tasks for Youth with Disabilities | with Rose, D.

Virginia School Based Occupational Therapy Symposium, March 2015 | Fit for Work: Assessing Fitness for Vocational Tasks in Youth with Disabilities

Virginia School Based Occupational Therapy Symposium, March 2015 | What’s New in Assessment Tools and Outcomes Measures for Physical Therapists?

Lead PT/OT Meeting, Virginia Department of Education, Charlottesville, VA, 2013 | Foundations of School Based Therapy Practice: Linking ICF, Evaluation & Goal Attainment Scaling | with Rose, D.

Virginia Occupational Therapy Association School Symposium, Harrisonburg, VA, 2013 | Analyzing Assessment Tools using Outcomes Measure Rating Form: Comparing Tools for Practice

American Physical Therapy Association Combined Sections Meeting, Chicago, 2012 |Pediatric Practice Forum: Outcome Measurement | with Rose, D.

APTA Combined Sections Meeting, New Orleans, LA 2011 | Evidence Based Physical Therapy to Optimize Participation of Students with Down Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy in Education Programs | with Palisano, R; Rose, D

Select Publications


Johnson, C. (2016) Fit4Work: Fitness for Vocational Tasks for Youth with Disabilities. United States: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform.

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles
Johnson CC, Rose DS. School-Based Work Capacity Evaluation in Young People With Intellectual Disabilities: 2 Case Reports. Pediatr Phys Ther. 2017 Apr;29(2):166-172.

Porciuncula, Francino, Johnson, Connie, Glickman Leslie. (2012). The effect of vestibular rehabilitation on adults with bilateral vestibular hypofunction: a systematic review. J Vestib Res, 22(5-6):283- 98.

Johnson, Connie, Long, Toby. (2010). Use of diagnosis and prognosis by pediatric physical therapists. Pediatric Physical Therapy,22(4):392-398.

Johnson, Connie, Long, Toby. (2009). Use of the guide to physical therapist practice by pediatric physical therapists. Pediatric Physical Therapy, 21(2):176-186.

Johnson, C. C. (2009). The benefits of physical activity for youth with developmental disabilities: A systematic review. American Journal of Health Promotion, 23(3), 157-167.

Web-based Communications

2016-present | Fit4Work Blog

2017 |Using Adaptive Equipment to Foster Participation in Work Settings

2013 | SMART Goal Writing: Using Adapted Eequipment to Enhance Participation in Activities

2012 | Exploring the Use of an iPad to Increase Productivity

2012 | List of Pediatric Test tools Categorized by ICF Model

2011 | Patient Transfer and Lifting Guidelines: Implications for Pediatric Physical Therapists

2007 | Health and Wellness for Individuals with Disabilities: An Annotated Bibliography of Online Resources

Online Presence

Twitter: @ConnieCJohnson

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