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Conferences are stimulating! They make us think and reassess our own practices. The opportunity to talk and network with colleagues are also revitalizing! It gives us that push…that energy recharge we need every so often.

Don’t you wish this feeling continues after the workshop? Here are our three wishes:

1. Questions: We wish that we can easily contact the speaker for that piece of info we forgot, or to ask a follow-up question now that we are applying the info we learned.

2. Connections: We wish the networking and sharing of information among participants can continue, and have somebody to bounce off ideas with.

3. Updates: We wish we can keep up-to-date on the latest research findings relevant to the topic covered. It is hard to do this alone. And expensive to attend every workshop available.

One thing we learned: if nobody gives you what you want, you have to create it yourself!

So, all three wishes granted! They have become the impetus for creating Apply EBP. We abide by the formula that we believe defines true continuing education:

Workshop + Continuous Conversations = True Continuing Education 

Let’s break this formula down:


Apply EBP courses start with a workshop where speakers share knowledge and skills with participants. These are typically 1 or 2 day workshops that has the following characteristics:

Evidence-based: We believe in evidence-based practice (hence, EBP is in our name)! Speakers translate the most current evidence and discuss with participants how they can be used in real-world practice. (Read more about EBP here.)

Practical Toolkit: We believe in introducing useful tools for therapists! The speakers organize the workshop in such a way that participants leave with a toolkit that they can utilize the very next day.

Interactive: We believe in “learning-by-doing.” Participants are guided through clinical reasoning activities and lab components, to experience the strategies from both the clinician’s and patient’s perspectives.

Critical Thinking: We believe in sound clinical reasoning. Participants are led through in-depth discussions and debates on challenging and controversial topics.

Continuous Conversations

Immediately following the workshop, every participant becomes an exclusive member of an online discussion group. Think of it as a study group, a journal club, or a support group you always wish to have.

Therapists spend both personal time and money attending workshops not just to earn continuing education units (CEUs), but most importantly, because they are committed to learning! But learning all you need to know in 1 or 2 days has always been a tall order for continuing education providers.

Our brains and attention span can only absorb so much at a certain amount of time. In addition, new evidence comes out all the time. What you learned may be supplanted by new evidence in a few months.

So our faculty of experts are enthusiastic about continuing the learning online. Here are some things you can expect from the discussion group:

Answers: Speakers will answer follow-up questions that you forgot to ask at the workshop. They will also help you with questions that came up now that you are utilizing the toolkit or strategies you learned at the workshop.

Sharing of Information: Nobody has a monopoly on knowledge and skills, not even our speakers! We can all learn from each other. Participants are expected to chime in with their own ideas, or strategies that they have found to work.

Keep up-to-date: Found a new article relevant to the topic? Share it and let’s discuss!

Networking: Communication helps us grow professionally. Know that a colleague is only a quick message away. This is especially important for those who work in isolation from other clinicians.

True Continuing Education

At Apply EBP, learning is not just a shared experience, but also a shared responsibility among speakers and participants. With the combination of evidence-based, interactive workshops and an online platform for continuous conversations, Apply EBP creates a stimulating, meaningful shared learning experience for each committed clinician who joins our courses.

Ready to Apply EBP? Check out our upcoming courses.

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