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Apply EBP is owned and ran by Carlo Vialu, PT, MBA. Carlo has worked in various clinical settings, including, hospitals, outpatient clinics (including one with aquatic facility), skilled nursing facilities, schools and home care.  In each setting, he collaborated with OTs, SLP, and other healthcare and education professionals to improve the lives of his clients.

From January 2008 to January 2017, he served as Director of Physical Therapy for the New York City Department of Education. It was during that time that he saw the power of evidence! To improve knowledge and skills, he and his team organized semi-annual workshops and continuing education series, inviting experts from the fields of rehabilitation, communication, business, education and others. In order to improve the assessment process and monitoring of outcomes, he organized a team of therapists to conduct research on functional mobility tests.

Carlo also translated various clinical research into real-life practice to create unique courses that he presented in New York City and in various venues nationally, including the American Physical Therapy Association’s Combined Sections Meeting, Section on Pediatrics Annual Conference, and Innovations in School-based Practice.

In 2015, Carlo partnered with Laurie Ray to create SeekFreaks, an online evidence-based resource for pediatric OTs, PTs and SLPs – visit SeekFreaks and read their posts! Over 130 articles later, the natural evolution  is a continuing education platform – and so Apply EBP was born!

One lesson he learned as Director in New York City is that learning should not end with a  workshop…follow-up discussions are important. So he brought this lesson to the Apply EBP Model of  live courses followed by continued discussions online. As an added bonus, the discussion group becomes a support group to bounce off ideas with, and serve as partners in constant improvement.

In addition to his experience, Carlo brings to Apply EBP a carefully selected cadre of expert presenters, who are not just committed evidence translators, but also dynamic speakers who inspire as much as they teach. He works with every presenter to create hands-on and clinical reasoning activities to further learning, and to design practical toolkits that participants can utilize the very next day.

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